Monday, September 14, 2015

Body Love

Space is limited so register early.
Tuition $100 until September 26th
$125 September 27th-October 2nd

This workshop is deeply important each of us, as we have both struggled at different phases in our lives with a crippling lack of self esteem due to body issues. We know how it feels, and we believe there is a way out. The message is important, and YOU are important. Don't let money be the obstacle that keeps you from attending. We operate on a sliding scale and even have some full scholarships available. Please just call. 

Body Love Workshop

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Fantastic Four

Big Sky Dance Work's Crew is a special group of extremely dedicated dancers. The Crew trains in multiple dance styles year round. They perform at many local events, put on an end of the year recital, volunteer their time for the community, and participate in at least one competition.

The team spends a week in the summer learning their routines for the upcoming season. It's a challenging week both physically and mentally. It's also a time of team building and fun.

This year we added four new members who are considerably younger than the rest of the team. These outgoing kids added abundant cuteness, doses of inspiration, and non stop comic relief. When I was teaching the routine that includes every member - from the tiniest to the oldest teen - I grouped the dancers. A section for the oldest, a section for the teens and then the pre-teens. When I got to my youngest four I addressed them as the littles, the shorties, the tiny tots, etc.

On the last day they gave me a well thought out lecture. They wanted to be clear that they are not little! Ah, the spunk. These kids bring me so much joy. I am pleased to announce the (self named) Fantastic Four! Jameson, Evelyn, Mercedes and Sophia will make their debut at 2:00 on September 13, at Memorial Park. Don't miss it!

Monday, August 24, 2015